1 Individual GCMI

Global Crew Medical (GCMI) is a flexible, long-term, annually renewable, U.S.-style major medical insurance program designed for professional marine captains & crew members throughout the world.

GCMI offers the flexibility to select from an assortment of four unique benefit plan options – Silver, Gold, Gold Plus, and Platinum – each with different levels of coverage. In addition, there are different areas of coverage available, optional riders, flexible underwriting methods as well as multiple deductibles and modes of payment.

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2 Individual Crew Select

CrewSelect International is a comprehensive and portable international medical insurance plan designed specifically for professional marine crew. The plan is offered in three currencies: Euro, GBP and U.S. Dollars. This plan is preferred by professional brokers and marine crew because of its European plan design and flexibility of currency.

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Geoblue LogoNot all crew health plans are engineered the same way. Become an expert buyer and understand the critical differences in benefits and disparities in consumer protections.

You barely have to turn the page in a newspaper or magazine these days to see that globalization is at the epicenter of the new world order. As global lifestyles emerge, the demand for comprehensive international health insurance has grown rapidly. In response to this demand, a new generation of superior health plans is now available to serve expatriates and their families. This is a positive development for American expatriates who have historically had limited choice when it comes to coverage.

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3 Individual Patriot Adventure

Patriot Adventure is designed for the adventurous international traveler. It provides benefits for those traveling abroad who also intend to participate in non-contact amateur athletic activities and a select group adventure sports.

There are two plans available: Patriot Adventure InternationalSM provides coverage for U.S. citizens traveling outside the U.S. and Patriot Adventure AmericaSM provides coverage for non-U.S. citizens traveling outside their home country.

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