Custom Yacht Construction

Over the last few years there has been an enormous increase not only in yacht ownership, but in the size and complexity of the yachts themselves. Owning and maintaining a luxury yacht has become a serious business that requires highly skilled experts to manage the rapidly changing technical, administrative and governmental standards.

If building a yacht is of interest to you, another resource we offer is an in-house yacht project management division. Offering practical experience gained during the custom yacht construction of a variety of boats and a comprehensive knowledge of shipyards, vendors and contractors, the yacht project management team will be an invaluable asset to you throughout the process of a custom yacht construction.

Yacht Maintenance & Refits

We believe the goal of the yacht manager and the crew is to run a safe ship at a reasonable cost. To that end, we have created the position of Technical Supervisor, who is specifically trained to handle the refits, repairs, maintenance and classification of a yacht.

Continued evaluation of the yacht’s suppliers, contractors and subcontractors to keep the yacht’s maintenance within the budgeted parameters.

Regular inspection of the ongoing yacht maintenance regimen.
Insurance claims overview.
Scheduled maintenance and repair scenarios, which include drydockings, shipyard projects and major refits. We have well-established relationships with a host of yacht vendors and shipyards and we work closely with the crew to ensure maximum safety and cost efficiency on our fleet vessels. Any commercial discounts that we obtain are direct benefits to the yacht.