ISPS – International Ship & Port Facility Security

In an effort to raise awareness against potential security threats to vessels, recent legislation developed and promulgated by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) required compliance with the ISPS code by July 01, 2004. All commercially registered vessels in excess of 500 gross tons are required to comply.

We have partnered with recognized experts in the field of maritime security and are fully equipped to assist any yacht in obtaining and maintaining certification under the code.

Palm Beach Yachts International will conduct a Ship Security Assessment to identify any potential vulnerability in design, construction, and operational procedures, the outcome of which will be the development of the Ship’s Security Plan containing guidelines and procedures for the yacht’s crew to follow in order to maintain the safest possible environment. Crew security training will also be provided in conjunction with recognized trainers.

ISM – International Safety Management Code

The ISM Code is a SOLAS (Safety of Life at SEA) requirement adopted by all recognized Flag States. All commercial vessels (chartering) 500 tons and over have been required to comply with the code since July, 2002. International Safety Management Code (ISM) under the United Nations’ International Maritime Organization (IMO) is a ship management system embracing quality control in the areas of safety and pollution prevention. It is a formal, 13 point system that is applicable to any vessel, from a 2-man tug, to a yacht; to a 2,000 passenger cruise ship, and its management structure.

The requirements create an onboard and shore side Safety Management System (SMS) under which each vessel operates. We create an SMS that is organized into manuals which are bound and include operational guidelines designed to guarantee compliance with the 13 points of the ISM Code requirements.

Palm Beach Yachts International has adopted the ISM Code and the principles of ISO 9000 to ensure the safety and quality of life on board vessels in our fleet. Together with input from the captain and crew, we develop procedures that are specific for the needs of each yacht.

First, we conduct an initial assessment of the yacht to review all documentation and any existing on board procedures. Next, we determine any areas for potential risks. We then draft an SMS Manual specific to the yacht based upon the owner’s requirements. We work with the captain and crew to develop specific:

  1. Procedures for Operation of The Yacht
  2. Contingency Plans for Emergencies
  3. Forms & Checklists

After the manual is completed, we begin familiarization and training of the captain and crew with ISM Code.

At Palm Beach Yachts International we cannot stress enough the importance of building a close relationship between our technical and financial managers ashore and the captain and crew in order to provide the reliable and dedicated support needed in a land-based management team.  We also work with the engineering and deck staff to institute a planned maintenance schedule for the yacht, identify any training needed that will help to meet the new guidelines and assist the Captain to schedule onboard drills and instruction.

We create a documentation trail-which is a critical tool to demonstrate the success of a yacht’s SMS. With essential input from the captain and crew, we organize all the important documents, reports and reviews that keep the SMS on track.  We work diligently to ensure that the crewmembers are not unduly burdened by paperwork and that they remain focused on their normal work duties.

At our offices, through the periodic analysis of those reports, we continually improve the safety, quality and reliability of the yacht’s program. Because our system is designed to be dynamic, we are able to make adaptations along the way that suit the specific needs of each yacht ‘s operations.

Finally, we establish a plan of periodic surveys and audits in order to achieve the ultimate goal of achieving formal ISM Code certification for the yacht.  Our management team has an established 24/7 emergency contact – with the Designated Person Ashore (DPA), as an option for yachts who desire a more intense support system.