Under the private yacht management program our role is a financial, logistical, operational and communications center for the yacht. Our services include but are not limited to:

Vessel Administration and Accounting

A foundation is set for accurate budget assessment and implementation. The manager administrates a separate bank account for each vessel, handling any crew payroll and accounts payables as directed.
Monthly cash flow and budget reports are submitted to the Owner for analysis and revision, thus transforming the operation of the yacht into a professional business.


Our network of local and worldwide suppliers can help purchase materials and bunkering at wholesale prices passing the savings on to the boat.


Palm Beach Yachts International’s in-house knowledge of marine insurance is extensive allowing us to gain the most competitive terms available. Claims if any are handled and processed in-house.

Vessel Technical Assistance & Consulting

Through our various domestic and global contacts all the day-to-day variety of a yacht’s specialized needs and unique requests will be addressed and taken care of assuring the Owner and Captain of our expertise and prompt follow thru. We are familiar with all codes worldwide including MCA and ISM and specialize in refits, repairs and new construction.

Crew Placement

With access to professional crew available worldwide, we will assist in the hiring process resulting in creating a successful team. With our experience in matching crew personalities and the proper qualifications, our continuing interaction and communication will follow to avoid high crew turnover.
This service is provided to our yachts under management at a discounted rate much lower than the industry standard.

Crew Administration

Once the crew is in place, all employment contracts, crew health insurance and payroll duties are executed with proper adherence to the various legal and tax implications for the yacht’s flag. Under the guidance of Palm Beach Yachts International, the Owner is relieved of the time consuming and specialized job of overseeing and protecting his yacht, offering our clients the maximum pleasure of their investment.