Palm Beach Yachts International Charter Yacht Management division is specialized in tending to the many details associated with chartering a yacht. Our services include marketing and promoting the yacht through the brokerage network, holding the yachts charter calendar, responding to requests for charter, negotiating with charter brokers, monitoring the contract process, clearing and escrowing funds and assisting the Captain with the pre charter arrangements for charter guest requirements (i.e. dockage, specialty provisions, itinerary etc.).

Marketing and Promoting

Marketing a yacht offering charters is key to getting it booked whether it is available throughout the year or seasonally. A quality brochure is imperative to present the yacht to prospective clients. You may already have a brochure; if not, we can provide guidance to produce a well-presented package to showcase your yacht. We take pride in being well acquainted with our charter yachts and crew so we can effectively place accommodating charters onboard. Having contact agents throughout the world enables us to provide yacht charters throughout many geographic regions. Whether your yacht resides in the Mediterranean, New England, Australia or the Caribbean we can successfully meet your expectations.

Calendar Management and Booking

Our staff continuously monitors your yacht’s calendar to ensure smooth transitions between charters and personal trips. We track inquiries for charter and negotiate with charter brokers carefully considering owner’s use, charter bookings and maintenance scheduling. When a firm booking is established, we oversee with personal attention the contract details by remaining in close contact with the owner and captain regarding the charter parameters.

Crew Management

Open communication with the captain is vital to a successful charter. We offer pre charter services such as crew placement, dockage, specialty provisions and any other assistance the captain may require. Palm Beach Yachts International’s in-house knowledge of marine insurance is extensive allowing us to gain the most competitive terms available. Claims, if any, are handled and processed in-house.

Let Palm Beach Yachts International manage and develop your chartering schedule for the upcoming season.