It’s better in the Bahamas!

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Visit the 700 islands in the Atlantic Ocean to go scuba diving, snorkeling, horseback riding on the beach, swim with the pigs or just soak up the sun. Smell the crisp air, feel the warm sun on your back.

As your toes sink through the sand, you may hear some Calypso, Soca, Junkanoo and Rake and scrape, which are types of music heard on the island. You also could hear some islanders speaking English, but it may not sound familiar.

Even though the official language is English, the dialect and slang could be hard to understand but not impossible. Bahamians tend to speak very fast but they are very friendly and helpful to tourists.

Interesting Fact: In English, the Bahamas is one of only two countries whose self-standing short name begins with the word “the”, along with the Gambia.

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Plan on visiting the Bahamas? Forget the hotel.

There is a good year round Bahamas boat for short or long term charters – 81’ motor yacht sleeps 6 guests with rates of low $28,500 and high $36k per week with a 26’ tender & lots of toys.  4 crew with 5 star service!



COMMENTS FROM FEB 7-14, 2016 CHARTER: DAY 3: Thanks for checking. The weather has not been great to say the least, however, in as much as I would like to say we are making the best of it, it is indeed the amazing crew  that is undeniably making this trip a fabulous experience. I will tell you when I return all about the many amazing ways they have offset the weather and incredibly making this voyage extraordinary, above and beyond any of our expectations !” DAY 5: Just a quick update on our Exuma adventure that is coming to an end. The weather continues to be on the wrong side of the barometer for us, but as each degree of temperature drops , the crew steps up and exceeds any possible and imaginable expectations! I have been blessed in life to experience some of the best this world have to offer, but rarely this genuine level of concern, care and professionalism. Just thought I’d share that with you! END OF CHARTER: “Hope that you are having a great Valentine’s weekend. We have left heavy hearted after an amazing week (except for the weather). All went very well, and as I stated in my emails to you, the crew performed miracles to make this voyage memorable for us. Please forward my most sincere gratitude to all involved to have made this trip fantastic. You may use any of my statements to promote chartering, as each compliment is an understatement of how great this voyage was.



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