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View the clear waters of Fiji from your living room, looking down at your feet and seeing the coral reef and the magnificent ocean life of Fiji swimming right under your toes.


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WHY SURI Of all the yachts in the world, few can deliver the genuinely unique experience that can be enjoyed aboard SuRi. That’s because virtually no other vessel can offer the combination of luxury, adventure, equipment and crew that SuRi was purpose-built to provide.

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ADVENTURE MACHINES The toy box is full. All clients have to decide is where to enjoy all the fun and games. Use the chopper for snorkeling and exploring. Take the bikes ashore. Go surfing, kayaking, game fishing. Learn how to scuba dive with on board dive master. Or simply take the 35-foot Stan-Craft mahogany speedster for a spin. Check out the adventure machines on this video  www.mysuri.com/video

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SuRi is based for charters in French Polynesia.

Spectacular scenery

Welcoming Polynesian culture

Safe, and low 5% VAT

Only a 7 hour flight from Los Angeles

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7 cabins

Unique Windows on The Sea underwater viewing room

Panoramic glass living rooms

Luxury accommodations and new master suite

17 crew

$350,000 per week. Helicopter $20,000 extra per week, seaplane $8,000 extra per week.

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