The Musical Ocean

By February 17, 2016Uncategorized


There’s something about the feeling you get when you’re on a boat; the freedom, your connection with the water and the breeze wisping through your hair. Some experiences you cannot compare with anything else. Yes, listening to the waves can be relaxing, and then there are the times where some music is needed. Below are a few songs I gathered for those times when you want to add some music to the ocean.

Jimmy Buffet : A Pirate Looks at 40
Bob Marley: Jammin
Jimmy Buffet: Margaritaville
Sheryl Crow: Soak Up the Sun
Van Morrison: Brown Eyed Girl
Jimmy Buffet: Son of A Sailor
Zac Brown: Toes
Pontoon: Little Big Town
Van Halen: Where Have All The Good Times Gone
Bruce Springsteen: Seaside Bar Song
Billy Joel: The Downeaster Alexa
Pirates of the Caribbean: Theme Song
Gilligan’s Island: Theme Song
Jimmy Buffett: Changes in Latitudes
Kid Rock: All Summer Long
The Beatles: Let It Be
Don McLean: American Pie
Grateful Dead: Box of Rain
The Beatles: Here Comes the Sun
Led Zeppelin: The Ocean
Foreigner -Waiting For A Girl Like You

Sources: The Boating Magazine,, 102.7 Kord